Monday, September 18, 2006


Happy "B" to me!

My top five "B" wishes in no particular order

[1] More "Ninoys" in my wallet and my bank account
[2] A pimping new car
[3] Tsiks
[4] Health
[5] For my fam to be more stable financially

Thursday, September 14, 2006


Boy... I haven't been to this place in a long time!

My top [and obviously only...] 3 CSI variants:

I like Miami because of this hot chick on the left.
But I think she's better off doing porn.


[3] CSI

Thursday, August 10, 2006


Non-list interlude: FHM Cover Grrrrrrrl

This is the latest FHM Philippines issue. They say the cover girl is Pops Fernandez. I don't believe their bullshit. That isn't freakin POPS FERNANDEZ. The "thing" on the cover is most probably a drag queen who looks like Pops.

Friday, August 04, 2006


Top 09 "toys for this big boy"

01. IPod
Hands down my best buy ever.

02. Celphone

03. AJ my Daewoo
12 years of bringing me outta town, to work, to malls, to friend's houses, to sports places, and to unforgettable gimmicks

04. Frisbee
This little round plastic object has helped me meet new friends, know the meaning of spirit, and know the importance of getting drunk. It has also caused me lots of valuable sleeping time, specially during league weekends

05. Bodyboard
The high I get riding this thing is much more fulfilling than the high I get playing Ultimate Frisbee

06. NBA Live on PS2
If you're team sucks in the real NBA, you can make it up here in your own little cyber dreamworld

07. TV
The perfect tool for a person afflicted with attention deficit disorder

08. FHM
The best bathroom companion since toilet paper

09. VCD player
One word... PORN


My top 4 WILL FERRELL cameos/supporting roles

01. Wedding Crashers
"Mom! The meat loaf! Fuck!"

02. Starsky and Hutch
"I'll tell you what, I do like your blonde friend here. Let me see your belly button. "

03. Old School
"We're going streaking!"

04. Zoolander
"I invented the piano key neck tie! I invented it! What have you done, Derek? Nothing!"

Tuesday, August 01, 2006


Non-list interlude #3: Huwag mabasa... baka dumami ka!!!

The movie "Gremlins" was not a big hit like, say, Titanic, Pirates of the Caribbean or Superman but it has a significant, invaluable contribution to Pinoy pop culture [gasgas na gasgas wisecracks category].

For an example, check out this everyday conversation between two Pinoys...
Person 1: Bad trip, umuulan nanaman!
Person 2: Paano tayo makakasplit dito. Dapat nagdala ako ng payong... buwiset!!!
Person 1: Takbuhin nalang natin. Tara na.

For all of you who don't know the story of Gremlins here's one from IMDB...
"Sure, he's cute. Of course you can keep him. But heed these three warnings: Don't ever get him wet. Keep him away from bright light. And the most important thing, the one thing you must never forget: no matter how much he cries, no matter how much he begs . . . never, never feed him after midnight. With these mysterious instructions, young Billy Peltzer takes possession of his cuddly new pet. He gets a whole lot more than he bargained for."

There you have it. Don't ever get him wet because when a Magwie turns into an ugly Gremlin and gets wet, the thing multiplies.



Tuesday, July 25, 2006


My top 6 hatest sms messages

[01] Good p.m. [are you like trying to be formal?]
[02] Nandito na ME [potah, nagpapa-cute ka ba?]
[03] Halika na U [same comment as above]
[04] Go ka na d2 [no comment]
[05] Jokes!!! [don't waste my finger's time, kapish?!]
[06] Quotations [same comment as above]


The "you-know-you're-getting-old-when..." list

[01] When you find TV commercial models who play mommies cute.
[02] When cute young girls call you "sir" or address you with a "po."
[03] When you go home at 5 am and then you're awake by 1o am,
[04] When you begin to sleep in bars.
[05] When everyone... I mean EVERYONE is faster than you when playing sports like basketball or ultimate frisbee
[06] When you go home at 3am on a weekday and have to take a half-day leave from work the next day


Non-list interlude #2: Walang pasok... walang pasok!!!

Yesterday, a wild woman named "Glenda" smacked the Philippine area of responsibility and it rained like cats, dogs, tigers and wolves.

I was surprised when I got a text message from an officemate announcing that work was cancelled for the day.

I felt like I was back in school again [because when a storm comes, only school kids get the privilege of getting a day off].

So I went malling, watched videos and played NBA Live on the PS2.

To end the "fun" day, I watched The Day After Tomorrow on Star Movies. Of course I got paranoid because the movie was about a major cataclysm that could end the world. Imagine watching this while the storm raged.

Oh by the way, our lil fake president had a SONA yesterday too. BUT WHO CARES?!

Thursday, July 20, 2006


My top 10 songs of all time

01. Gorecki by Lamb
02. Amber by 311
03. Sleeping Satellite by Tasmin Archer
04. Kaleidoscope World by Francis M
05. Rebirth of Slick by Digable Planets
06. Road Trippin' by Red Hot Chili Peppers
07. You Were Right by Badly Drawn Boy
08. Just Chillin' by Sun Valley Crew
09. Piece of This by P.O.T.
10. Otherwise by Imago

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